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Equip Health Systems

Equip Rec 1 First Aid Kit

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The Equip REC 1 personal first aid kit is designed to carry the essentials. This kit is compact enough to fit in your running or hiking vest and is carry-on luggage safe for travellers (i.e. it does not contain any items that are not approved by airport security) and features a clip that can be used to clip into larger first aid kits or even attach to your belt, hand bag or back pack. The Equip REC1 personal first aid kit will effectively treat small burns and minor wounds.


  • Emergency action card
  • Antiseptic wipes x 2
  • Sterile gauze swabs x 2
  • Cotton tips
  • Iodine swabs x 3
  • Elastic gauze bandage (5cmx4m)
  • Flexible active strips x 10
  • Knuckle dressing
  • Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2x5cm) x 2
  • Burn aid gel sachet
  • Size: 140mmx110mmx20mm; 55gm