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Muir Energy

Muir Energy | Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana Energy Gel | Fast Burning

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Taste the islands – but in the mountains. Real flavours hit differently: Juicy pineapple tangy passion fruits and smooth banana form a potent trio to power you through intense efforts.

Why we love Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana: 

  • Juicy, tropical flavour from whole foods – No artificial flavours
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain from pineapple
  • Loads of potassium from banana support exercise
  • Micronutrients of passion fruit support performance and whole-body health

Why we love Fast Burning Energy Gel:

  • Naturally packed with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Ideal fuel for intense efforts, but still easy on the GI system and palette for multi-hour adventures and races

How to Use: Aim for at least one pouch of fast burning energy every 45 minutes to an hour of your workout